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Watch “Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot SS14” on YouTube

Some people get to go to amazing dream jobs. Let’s be one of them!


Bang For Your Organizing Buck!

Bang For Your Organizing Buck!

It seems like it is always that time of year, but here we are cleaning up again. Making everything ready for people to be in and out of our homes for the next three months.

Why not organize your places that can not be hidden behind a door with style.

The Top 10 Reasons to join us in Nashville, TN

Just in case you missed any of them, here they are! The Top 10 Reasons to join us in Nashville, TN forNational Conference 2013 BECOME!

10. Our FANTASTIC Conference Hotel, the Gaylord Opryland, is a destination in and of itself. It is like no place you have been before. Join us for a FREE Delta Boat Ride and so much more! We can’t wait to see YOU at the Gaylord Opryland Resort!

9. One of the biggest takeaways from every event you attend are the connections you make. At our First Time Attendee Mixer, Connections (Friday, July 26th @ 9:30 AM CT) Matt Paul, Communication Director, will make sure you leave Nashville with something priceless: friendships!

8. You have got to meet these AMAZING women! And at our Mix & Mingle (Friday, July 26th @ 10:30 AM CT), you will! Soak up this phenomenal opportunity to spend a few minutes connecting with Creative Partners from all across the country. Check out Matt Paul’s short video to learn more about Connections & the Mix & Mingle and plan to join us Friday morning!

7. We are going to celebrate…Music City Style! Join us as we celebrate another fabulous Initials, Inc. year at the Pink Carpet Bash (Saturday, July 27th @ 8 PM CT). We have big plans for the evening including dessert, dancing and of course, diamonds!

6. Don’t miss our keynote speaker (Saturday, July 27th @ 1:15 PM CT). Gloria Mayfield Banks has consistently beaten the odds to achieve phenomenal success in her life and business. Gloria will join us at National Conference 2013 to share how she BECAME and how YOU can BECOME!

5. You have never attended a team meeting like this! Team Time (Friday, July 27th @ 2 PM CT) at National Conference 2013 BECOME gives you the chance to come together with your fellow team members from all across the country to celebrate how far you have come and to plan who you will BECOME!

4. Learn from those who have gone before you. National Conference 2013 BCEOME offers three sets of phenomenal workshops (starting Saturday, July 27th @ 10:45 AM CT) covering every aspect of growing your business. Choose yours today! They are closing fast!

3. The Fall & Winter 2013 line is ready to make its debut! See the line for the first time on the catwalk at the National Conference 2013 BECOME Fall & Winter Fashion Show (Friday, July 26th @ 7 PM CT)! The energy is like nothing you have ever felt before!

2. $200+ in NEW Fall & Winter 2013 products and business supplies just for YOU! That’s more than your registration fee! And there’s more! National Conference 2013 BECOME attendees will receive exclusive steep discounts on Fall & Winter business supplies offered by our new online business supply partner. All the details will be announced Friday night!

On average a Creative Partner realizes:
78% higher personal sales volume
44% more parties
360% team explosion
and more!

Join us for National Conference 2013 BECOME and build a brilliant future!

First sign up to be a CP2B. (all the info is at http://www.SassyCityBags.Com) You will get to meet the owners of the company and treated like royalty.
Your last day to REGISTER is TODAY!

Organized Personal Space Rock!! – June Special Last Call!!


Have you ever had the conversation with your partner “where is today’s mail”?  Only to complain that it is in a different place every time!  Why not create an “In Box” with color assigned files in our Organizer Caddy!


The Organizer Caddy has sturdy handles on the side and useful pockets in the front.  Excellent for keeping your pens, small post-its, scissors and even your stapler. Use it in your kitchen, bathroom even your baby room as an organizer caddy for diapers and accessories. Tuck in  some pens and other fun office supplies in the front pockets or inside and give the kids a head start on their next school year!  And don’t forget that Initials, Inc.  personalizes every item for FREE with purchase. 

wpid-facebook_890975926.jpgHave a Book/Online show this week and take advantage of this great deal as a hostess.  Contact me at SassyCityBags@Gmail.Com and I will email you everything that you need to get started!  If your show is over $1000 I will give you the Hostess special for FREE!

P.S.:  Your Shoppers can take advantage of the shopportunity when shopping with you!!!  Everybody wins!

What Could You Become?


Preview: You Zip


How cute is this little black and white polka dot beauty! I can’t wait to tell you more about it but for now this was just a little teaser taste. Oh, the possibilities!  Oh, I can’t wait for fall!

Product Highlight: Kitchens & Baths Magazine

We love it when people agree how wonderful we are!


Kitchen and Bath FB Ad 042013

Who is Initials, Inc.

I’m such a bag lady!  I love what I’m doing and I love what I’m selling so it’s only natural that I want to share it with everyone.  Here is a little taste of what a Initials, Inc is and is becoming.

What Will You Become?

Host Join

Watch “Introducing the Initials, Inc. Spring & Summer 2013 Line!” on YouTube

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