Watch “”VERSACE” Milano Moda Donna Autumn Winter 2014 2015 by Fashion Channel” on YouTube


Donna Karan New York Fall/Winter 2014-15 NYFW

MONIQUE L’HUILLIER” New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 2015

Grown-up Play Date with Friends

It’s so hard to find time to hang out with your girlfriend. Especially when you have young kids.  I find myself running from school pickup to after school activities. So it was wonderful to get together with my old roommate from college and spend a little quality time at Roosevelt Field mall.

We got a chance to do a little shopping, chat over a coffee  from five bucks and sit down to a delicious lunch at Houston’s restaurants. I even got a chance to go to one of my favorite stores Lush!  I picked up there heart and lock triple bath bomb for her daughters 9th birthday.  Then I was able to test a face and body scrub, an amazing lotion and lemon scented cuticle cream.   The lemon scented cream as so lux that frankly I use it all over my hands.  Bonus that the size fits in my bags perfectly. 

The whole day was definition a Lush experience. 







Fresh and original collection with hits of purples and blues. This is not a designer that I am familiar with but look fwd to getting to know.


Review of Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Martha

I found it very interesting that fashion bombshell posted Martha as there bombshell of the day and the comments we’re fiercely out of proportion to the pictures.

Questions: 1) Do you follow Fashion Bomb Daily? 2) what is your option of the posting & the comments?

In the spirit of full disclosure here is the comment we posted: ” We love this submission and winner!

Fashion is not about how much you spend or the labels that are inside your clothes but how you rock the pieces that you have and can afford to make it your personal style.

Many times you will see people who can afford anything in the world choosing to add pieces from every level of shopping available so that they can create the look that they are going for. That takes a creative eye not deep pockets.

We love designers “high” and “low” here at fashion press pass but label snobery is never in fashion. The golden rule still applies. Don’t be E-thugs strive to be someone that lifts others up.”


Watch “In A Pikle “Fresh Living”” on YouTube

Sunday Grammys Red Carpet

I’m looking forward to watching the Grammys red carpet in Sunday.  I love the fashion and especially the accessories.  Will you be watching?

Watch “Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot SS14” on YouTube

Some people get to go to amazing dream jobs. Let’s be one of them!

Watch “gipsy kings bamboleo2” on YouTube

Went to Foxwoods with my husband and we saw the Gypsy Kings live. it was a fantastic date night. here’s a little music I was listening to to remind me of it.

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